We hope the following provides helpful information when considering using a videographer.

How long does my film take to produce?

We aim to produce your ‘Highlights’ within four to six  weeks from the date of your wedding.*

We aim to produce your ‘Main Feature’ within 90 days/ 3 months from the date of your wedding.*

* The above time frames can be extended due to other on going work commitments such as filming and editing.

* All our videos are produced in Client chronological order.

Can I alter or change my film when I receive it?

The client has chosen Butterfly Films on the basis of their shooting and editorial style and skills therefore creative and artistic aspects, such as shooting and editing styles are at the discretion of the company. When commissioned to undertake the work for a Client and to produce the film the company imports its own artistic merit both in filming and in respect of the editing/post production process. However a film cannot be amended/re edited simply because a Client does not like the film wholly or in part thereof. Technical errors will be corrected free of charge. Client-requested changes of an editorial nature to their video will be charged at an hourly rate of £50. (this can include changes to musical content). In this instance discs must be returned and replacement discs issues upon completion of changes. Any discrepancies must be identified and submitted to the company within 21 days of receiving the discs/USB otherwise any amendments will not be considered and the original footage deleted.  Full instructions are taken from the client prior to the shoot in the form of a ‘Wedding Planner’ in order that the company/cameramen knows exactly what they are doing on the day!  We cannot be held responsible for the failure on the clients behalf not to instruct correctly. We also endeavour to use most of the music you provide, but cannot guarantee that every track supplied will be used during the editing/post production process.

What am I getting for my money?

Each package has the appropriately priced content, however guaranteed in each Package will be short Highlights that you can share with your friends on social media, you will also receive a DVD Disc(s) each disc will have a menu and chapters that will include content according to the chosen package, for example the Diamond Package would have your ceremony in full, your speeches in full and your first dance. Also included in each package will be a ‘Wedding film’* in cinematic style and the addition of the short Highlights as well.

*The length of the film is determined by the appropriate package. Please see packages!

A Blu -Ray disc is optional for all packages.

How far in advance should I book a videographer?

It is important that you make your Booking as soon as you can, because dates, especially during the summer months become reserved very quickly.

How can I be confident that the videographer I choose will do a good job?

Look for a videographer who is experienced, creative and artistic and ask to see some examples of their work.

Check that the quality of the samples matches your expectations. For example is the picture steady? Is everything in focus? Can sounds be heard clearly? View samples of our work on our ‘Showreel Page’.


What else should I consider?

It’s very important to feel at ease with the person recording your celebrations – they may be present throughout one of the most important days of your life.

Think about whether the videographer you choose will be sensitive to the way you are getting married and the people you’re inviting.

Do all wedding venues allow videographers?

Almost all venues (for both the wedding service and the reception) allow videography, but always check with the venue directly. If videography is permitted, find out if there’s a charge for this.

Can I have the raw Footage?

Copyright in an artistic work (including video programmes, photographs, graphics, music, etc.) belongs to Butterfly Films Videography unless otherwise indicated (i.e. copyrighted music, venues and any other material). The customer will be given permission, unless otherwise stated, to broadcast/publish such material on the internet and/or onto recordable media as long as the name of the company and its related website address are retained. Butterfly Films is commissioned to film your wedding day and in doing so will use only the best clips from the footage recorded – these clips are then processed to present them in the best way for the client. The raw footage therefore is not representative of the finished product, and as such will not be made available for purchase and remains the property of the company.

Do you have the necessary licences to use copyrighted music as background music or do you use copyright-free music?

We hold licenses to cover the use of copyrighted background music and can also provide a range of copyright-free music. The cost of all music, whether copyrighted or copyright free, is included in the price we quote.

What are your guarantees and liabilities?

Our insurances include public liability insurance, product liability, employer’s liability and professional indemnity insurance. Please ask anytime to see the certificates for these.
All our electrical equipment is regularly tested to comply with Health and Safety legislation.
If for any reason, we are unable to fulfil our obligations to you, we will endeavour to find a suitable professional alternative for you and you will be entitled to a full refund, including your deposit. For more information, please see our terms of business.

Don’t forget that you can call us anytime with any other questions you may have.

Please get in touch for more information or to arrange a free consultation.